Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tiffany's Farewell Party-yakatabune style!

On July 11th we took to the waters of Tokyo. It was time for my farewell party. Months ago I had booked a yakatabune cruise. Yakatabune is Japanese, flat bottomed river boat. It's used for sight seeing. This yakatabune included a 10 course Japanese dinner and all you can drink. Oh, did I mention it had karaoke too?

Left to right: Me, Tomoe, Asa and Melissa.

The ironic part, was that no one had done yakatabune before. I had gone twice before. But none of my Japanese friends had.

Our boat had a long table down the middle. They were just starting to cue up the karaoke machine.

What I love about karaoke in Japan is that it is a group effort.

How can you feel embarassed about your singing voice when you are in a choir of 21 people?

Here's our group photo after the cruise. All 21 of us met through Matsumura kindergarten. I never knew that enrolling Mia in a Japanese kindergarten would be such a life enriching experience.

Matsumura Youchien, Arigato goziamashita!

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