Monday, July 13, 2009

Sayonara to Sayaka Sensei, Mia's Japanese teacher

Today Mia had her last Japanese lesson with Sayaka sensei. Sayaka has been Mia's Japanese teacher for two years now.

Mia and Rhett always look forward to seeing Sayaka. She always brings a science experiment for them to do at the end of class. It usually deals with the science of sticking sugary candy onto a stick, and then eating it.

Mia and Rhett didn't want Sayaka to leave. They clung on to her for dear life.

I just know that we will see Sayaka again. I'm hoping that she comes to stay with us in Seattle while on vacation. Or, even better yet, maybe she will get a job teaching Japanese in Seattle. Fingers crossed. Arigato Goziamasu! Jaa ne...

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