Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gold Medal Winners!

Today was the annual soccer tournament in Tokyo for kids under 7. Here's Mia and her buddy Soma-kun giving each other high fives before the match.

Mia and Soma were led into the enormous sports stadium by their coach. There were around 100 participants in the tournament. Mia stood out from the crowd on two accounts: 1) she was the only girl there and 2) the only non-Japanese kid there.

A pre-game huddle.

We went to the tourney with Soma's family, which we met through Mia's school. From left to right: Chiori, Mia, baby Takuya, Soma, Paul and Rhett.

Mia's team played about twelve mini games, with breaks in between. Each game lasted 10 minutes. They played off and on from 9am till 1pm. Luckily, it was a cloudy day. Even so, it was still hot and humid nonetheless.

Believe it or not, Mia's team won the tournament! They won by making one more goal than the 2nd place team. We couldn't believe it! Here's the winning team...

Mia showing off her gold medal with her coach.

What a banner day. Mia kept telling me that her team was going to win the gold medal. Little did I know, she was right!

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david said...

It's Mia (HAMM) McGrath. Watch out Brazil. The pre-game huddle pic is a classic.